Mike Darling


- International Association for Identification

- Private Investigators Association of Idaho

- Former member of the California State Division of the International Association for Identification

- Forensic Investigators Group (founding member)

- California Friction Ridge Study Group


  • Over 1,900 hours of documented training in the area of criminal investigation and crime scenes

    • Advanced crime scene investigation and reconstruction

    • Advanced fingerprint and palm print comparisons

    • Bloodshed interpretation

    • Interview and interrogation techniques

    • Intermediate traffic collision investigation

    • Photography

    • And numerous additional classes

  • Cogent Users Group International, educational conference, 2011-2018

  • Over a thousand hours of additional self-directed study in the above topics



During my career at RPD (2-7-94 to 3-6-17), I:

   - testified in Shasta County Superior Court and U.S. District Court (Northern District of California and Eastern District of California) as an expert witness in criminal and civil cases

   - conducted thousands of interviews with victims, suspects and witnesses.

   - conducted numerous investigations at homicides, sexual assaults, officer involved shootings, traffic collisions and property crime scenes

   - reviewed reports, photographs and evidence collected from crime scenes to determine further areas of investigation

   - prepared detailed crime scene diagrams and reports for case files and court

   - consulted on case work for other law enforcement agencies, as far away as Ontario, Canada

   - taught crime scene investigation, fingerprinting, fingerprint and  palm print comparisons, courtroom testimony and photography to RPD employees, other law enforcement agencies, California DOJ and at local colleges

   - compared thousands of finger and palm prints

   - worked with our AFIS system (Cogent)

   - supervised major crime scenes to ensure proper completion

   - prepared and gave public affairs presentations

Mike Darling - CUGI 2018 in Chantilly, F
Mike Darling - CUGI 2018 in Chantilly, F

Speaking at the CUGI 2018 conference in Chantilly France

After 23 years with the Redding Police Department, I honorably retired and started my own forensic consulting and investigation business.  

Now, I do forensic consulting, speak at conferences (I have lectured in Europe, as well as in the United States), provide expert witness testimony in court and train in forensic topics.