Let Me Help You!

Your situation is unique. I tailor all of my services to suit each case, because no two cases are alike.

I bring a fresh new dynamic perspective - applying the skills and principles of the forensic and crime scene investigations realms to investigations and presentations.

Below are just a few of the ways I can help you.

Testimony that makes the point clear. Taking the complex and making it simple

Finger & Palm Print Analysis

Work With An Expert

- analysis

- comparisons


Professional Photography and Diagrams

Photos that tell the story

Diagrams that paint the picture

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

A common sense approach to reconstruct what happened

Shooting & Trajectory Reconstruction

Analysis and photographs that make it clear

Criminal & Civil Investigations



Property crimes

Family Law

Worker's Comp

Employment cases



For You

Your Staff

Your Agency

Conference Lectures

Lectures that educate and get to the practical points

Other Services

Crash Reconstruction

Workplace Accidents


Real Estate Photos

I offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. Call me now to find out!