Why hire a Forensic Expert Witness?

Often, I am able to find important details that have been overlooked. These details can bring a whole new light to the case. These details usually are overlooked by law enforcement, prosecutors and attorneys because of too many cases, too little time available and not enough personnel to handle the case load properly.

I bring a fresh new dynamic perspective – applying the skills, experience and principles of the forensic and crime scene investigation realms to investigations, presentations and training:

  • As well as being a Forensic Specialist, I am fully licensed by the State of California as a Private Investigator.

  • I can give you an independent expert evaluation of the scene and the evidence.

    • I may find areas that were missed or areas that need additional investigation or analysis.

  • I can give you an expert opinion on the “real” meaning of the evidence and the analysis.

  • It is common that more is read into the analysis results than what the results really say.


  • It is important to understand the true implications of the evidence and the analysis.

  • Over the years I have seen investigators from more than a few agencies find a theory that they like, "fall in love” with it, "get married” to it and refuse to “divorce” it, no matter what the evidence says. 

    • I have seen this happen even in the realm of fingerprint and palm print comparisons.

    • In these challenging budgetary times where public agency budgets are being cut back – man hours are limited and there is often a lot of pressure to “wrap it up."

    • It is worth hiring a forensic expert to evaluate the findings to see if any of these unfortunate “relationships” have formed or if things were just "wrapped up" to get it done quickly, possibly overlooking important details.

  • I have had casework where the defense attorney had been urging the defendant to "take the plea." After reviewing the evidence and the reports I was able to forensically establish that the events could not have happened the way the "victim" and prosecution claimed. This resulted in the defense attorney fighting for the defendant.





















I use professional grade photographic equipment, enabling me to get better photos than achievable with a point & shoot camera or a cell phone camera.

   - ​In many criminal and civil cases, my experience with photographic documentation and diagram illustrations can enhance your case and illustrate to the courts the important points of your case.

   - Whether the case is civil or criminal, I can help sort out the facts and the evidence to show the truth or areas that need more investigation, whether it is forensic examination, scene reconstruction or traditional investigation methods.

I am available to respond to a scene as soon as law enforcement or the business makes the location available, on a 24 hour basis.

  • If you have a client that contacts you right after the incident, this gives you the opportunity to have your expert on the scene to get  independent photos and documentation of the location as soon as possible.  Often, agencies do an inadequate job of documenting the scene.

I am available to respond to autopsies to do photo documentation and note taking. 

  • Why rely on whoever the public agency can find to go do it? They are there to represent their agency, I am there to represent you.

  • If there is a death involved, your client deserves to have the best documentation of the case.

“Faulty forensic science is the second most frequently found contributing cause [of DNA exonerations], second only to eyewitness identifications that turn out to be erroneous,” – Jennifer Mnookin, dean of the UCLA School of Law.

"A good investigator is generally more valuable to a defendant’s case than a good lawyer."     F. Lee Bailey